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Spelling Bee: English Words

By Basenji Apps

In-App Purchasing


Age groups: For All Ages


In the ever-evolving world of technology, simple skills we learn early on (such as spelling) are quickly dissolved by things such as autocorrect. So, why not use technological advancements to help enhance our skills rather than destroy them? This is where a game like Spelling Bee comes in! Spelling Bee offers fun, interactive games that will allow you to learn new words, practice familiar ones, and participate in friendly competition by seeing where you place on a leaderboard filled with other users.

With over 30 topics and 5,000 words, there is no shortage of learning opportunities. You can take the journey route, working your way through different chapters and unlocking categories as you complete the prior levels. You will identify the missing letter in these levels by using your finger to write it in the empty space.

There is also a section that has several games. In these games, you can test your spelling speed, unscramble words in word puzzles, identify the correctly spelled word, and more. The app, in its entirety, has a game-like feel as you earn stars and level up. Playing a game while learning is a huge bonus because it makes it feel like less of a task and more like a playful experience. This is especially useful for parents who want their kids to be learning while using their devices. It’s games like these that will keep the kids entertained and teach them at the same time.

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play (Android), and Amazon Appstore. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


“My kid can’t stop playing. I am so happy to have the app.”

“Not much to say besides this being an incredibly useful app for not only refining your spelling skills but also for learning new words as well. Five stars all around.”


  • Draw letters with a finger
  • 5000+ words and expressions
  • 30+ available topics