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By Starfall Education

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Age groups: 0-5, 6-8

Addition Colors Letters Matching Math Preschool Reading Shapes Subtraction

Starfall offers a wide variety of games to get children engaged and excited to learn. From sweet nursery rhymes to shape recognition, this app covers it all. Given the current times (shelter in place), and the need for virtual learning tools, many parents are looking for apps or programs to make it more manageable. Starfall is a great resource to add to what I am sure is an ever-growing educational tool list.

In this app, your child can choose games from different categories. Some examples of the games include learning to recognize time on a clock, finding and following a pattern to get your avatar through a maze, matching letters with a corresponding photo, solving math equations, and more. There is also a virtual library, where your child can choose either a fiction or nonfiction book. Each book is read aloud, with the words highlighted along the way.

Not only does this app come fully equipped with games that teach basic skill sets, but it has some fun additions as well. You can create your own avatar and play games that explore different holidays.

The free version of this app only offers a bite-sized version of each category. I recommend purchasing the full package to access all of the games.

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play (Android), and Amazon Appstore. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


"Starfall is used in my oldest son's school, so we decided to download it for our youngest to get ahead before entering Pre-K. He loves all the games and doesn't even realize how much he is learning while playing."

"I love the range of activities Starfall has--reading AND math. It lets the child create an avatar of herself/himself. It's also wonderful that there are no ads always popping up like in most other free apps."

"This app is a great supplement to my daughter's kindergarten and 1st-grade homeschooling program. She has learned many nursery/folk songs and loves exploring the many, many activities that cover such a range of topics. The math and reading games are really fun and well designed."


  • Learn to read as you follow along with the read-aloud stories
  • Learn to solve basic math equations
  • Letter recognition
  • Create a personalized avatar
  • Ad-free