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By You Tell Me Stories Foundation, Inc.


Age groups: 0-5, 6-8

Books Reading

YouTellMeStories puts a whole new spin on story-reading. We read to our children and all too often, it’s as if empty words fill the air and a lack of proper comprehension exists. This app completely changes that with the use of “WordWinks.” WordWinks is a method of ensuring understanding is maximized and helps the reader (or listener) think more in-depth about the story and its illustrations.

To explain further, WordWinks are comments, explanations, or questions written in red italics in between sentences or after passages. The additional text is intended to get the user to think about the story thus far. It helps to spark critical thinking and invoke questions and conversations that will help strengthen comprehension.

There are 9 English books in this app and 7 Spanish ones. Each book gives the option to listen or to read, but both utilize WordWinks. There is also a feature that allows you to record your own version of the story after organizing its pictures in the correct order.

This is a wonderful app to use for bedtime stories or for reading to your young ones. It scores some major bonus points for utilizing techniques to ensure children are developing critical cognitive abilities and reading comprehension skills.

Available for download through iTunes. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


“Decades of research tell us fluent readers must master two components. Decoding and listening comprehension=reading comprehension. Reading aloud to children birth to 5 (a critical brain development window) is the best way to develop listening comprehension and vocabulary. These books, with the unique word winks, give parents the tools to develop both receptive and expressive language skills. It’s not enough to read aloud and have kids passively listening. There needs to be a conversation around books. Check out this app. It does it all, and the retell feature is amazing!!”

“The stories are engaging and appealing. Every home, classroom, and library serving preschool and primary grade children should have access to You TELL Me Stories.”


  • WordWinks technique weaves onscreen questions and comments into the story to maximize vocabulary, comprehension, and listening skills
  • Retell, Record & Share
  • Enjoy quality time with your child anywhere you take your iOS device
  • Educate your child even when you’re not available with built-in narration by a master teacher along with engaging and entertaining character voices