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If you love trivia and learning interesting, sometimes weird, facts, then this app may be for you! GetFact is a trivia, and word game rolled into one entertaining and educational app.

This game challenges the user by asking them to unscramble letters to create a word. The word corresponds with a random fact displayed on the screen. It reminds me a bit of “Wheel of Fortune,” but instead of guessing the letters, you choose from a pool. You are shown the number of letters in the word, and sometimes your pool of letters will match that. Other times, you have more letters, making it more difficult.

In this game, you earn coins that can be exchanged for hints if you get stuck. I enjoyed the simplicity of this game. I love that it combined two of my favorite types of games- trivia and spelling/word-forming. It is perfect for killing time and making the most of it by expanding your knowledge across many subjects.

Available for download through iTunes. (Only tested on an iPhone.)

What people are saying:

“I love weird trivia and word games, so I was surprised to find GetFact to be a legitimate challenge. I’ve only found a handful of facts I already knew…”

“I really enjoy this game. It makes your mind think with unscrambling letters and learning new interesting facts!!!”

“So challenging, but so good!! I’m obsessed with this app and the facts.”



  • Play for FREE!
  • Unlock 1,000s of QI facts by finding the hidden words
  • Watch out for the Elves’ sneaky word traps – they’re out to trip you up
  • Level up through different careers
  • Play offline all-day and all-night
  • Stuck? Fear not; earn hints along the way to help you out


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