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Not all educational apps are based on solid teaching methods. Our app review process ensures that only the very best educational apps make it into our App Library, giving you confidence in the use of them and peace of mind that they will make a difference with your child.

Need to know what educational apps work and don’t?

ABC Apps does not make money on recommending and referring apps, neither from the App Store nor the developer. We also do not run ads for other products. ABC Apps has no commercial interest in any of the apps or developers.
This is in adherence to our philosophy of finding the best Educational apps only and not distracting the student. For this reason, ABC Apps charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee so we can maintain our selective integrity.

With our team of teachers, parents and kids, we are passionate about education and are here to help! Many of the apps in our library are award-winning apps. Please look and feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.

This game is perfect

“It’s puzzles are challenging (but not impossible) and low-pressure. The characters are customizable and funny, and the soundtrack is pleasant with silly sound effects. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way. My 5 year old loves it, and I do too. A+!

– R.K.


“Hysterical, charming, instructive and fun for all ages! Like a good Disney movie, the beast abc and 123 apps have something for the parents/grandparents too. My grandkids love the beast, and so do all the many friends and their toddlers that I’ve told about the apps. Wish there were more!”

– K.H.

Transformed our kid’s lives

“This app has positively changed the quality of our family time management during school days. We mostly use the schedule boards. The kids each have their own iPad with the app. They retrieve it in the morning and begin completing their tasks. They are significantly more independent in transitioning from task to task than when they did not have this app. It’s a huge relief.

– K.S.

My go-to place for educational apps!

As a mom of two curious and eager-to-learn kids, I cannot express how much has helped me! Instead of aimlessly searching the app store, I come to this website and I know that I will only find the very best of the best. With helpful reviews and a streamlined way to browse and search, I can quickly and easily find suitable apps for my family. Thank you, ABCapps, for being my trusted, go-to place for educational apps!

R.M. - Homeschooling Mom

ABC Apps has been so helpful!

Math has always been the most problematic area for me in the realm of study. It has been the only subject I ever faltered in which was more frustrating then I can explain. But when I first started community college I was forced to confront it and actually do something about my confusion. I started looking up Algebra apps and practicing hours a day. I worked hard through the summer and came out the other side actually understanding math for the first time in my life. I just recently finished my last calculus class and am now done with all of my math, and that never would have been possible if I didn’t find such amazing help from these ingenious apps..

A.R - College Student