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Need help in a subject?
Want to improve your skills?
Want to raise your IQ?


Welcome to ABC Apps!

Need help in a subject? Want to improve your skills?

Want to raise your IQ?

You landed on our site for a reason! Maybe you were searching for a specific app to help your little one fill in an educational gap. Or perhaps you just want a great spelling app so your child can win the Spelling Bee at school. Or maybe you were sitting outside one evening and were trying to point out the constellations to your family and needed a little help.

There are tens of thousands of educational apps out there that can help one in literally any area or subject. But which app is the right one for you? Our job is to sort through these apps to find the best ones out there. We have seen the improvements in a child’s reading, writing, math skills, etc, just from using great educational apps.

With our team of teachers, parents and kids, we are passionate about education and are here to help you! Many of the apps in our library are award-winning apps. Please look through our site and feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.

Make America Smart Again!



Worried that your child isn’t getting the one-on-one attention and help they really need to be at the top of the class? Is your child struggling with reading or math? I get it. I’m a mom too. I found a way to help my daughter stay interested in learning and do better with reading and math. Her teachers are amazed! She loves it, I love it and it’s fun. I put together the educational apps that are the absolute best – some are even developed by teachers to use in their classrooms!

There are so many apps these days, how do you choose? Some have ads and some lead to places we’d never want our kids to go. All of these apps have been thoroughly checked out and are ready for you and your child to succeed with. There’s only the best of the best on this site!


Weekly new additions to hundreds of the Best Educational Apps in our Library

(We continuously scour the App Store and other sources for really good educational apps.)

Have a look into these Award-Winning Apps

FABULOUS!!! Buy this book! No – buy BOTH of them. They’re absolutely wonderful! These are the ONLY 2 books my 4 year old grandson asks for again and again and again (and he’s not one of those kids who likes to repeat everything). The voice, movements, dialogue, backgrounds…there’s nothing I’d change about these books.


ABC Apps User

GREAT app!  My 3 yr old loves trucks so needless to say, this app was an instant hit. Not only does he get to see the many types of trucks, he is also learning the jobs that the trucks and their drivers perform, great educational value! As a parent of a budding reader, I appreciate the word-highlighting, along with tapping on the paragraph to hear it read again. This is a wonderful, fun, educational app that I would HIGHLY recommend!


ABC Apps User

An Absolute Must-Have. What makes this app amazing is Mr. Gray’s fantastic descriptions of each and every element. Concise, accurate, and most of all, interesting. I directly attribute my son’s love of science to this app. I have purchased over 500 apps since I bought my first iPhone, but The Elements stands out as my single favorite purchase.


ABC Apps User

This game is perfect. It’s puzzles are challenging (but not impossible) and low-pressure. The characters are customizable and funny, and the soundtrack is pleasant with silly sound effects. It develops critiical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way. My 5 year old loves it, and I do too. A+! Please make more of these games.


ABC Apps User

Brilliant.Hysterical, charming, instructive and fun for all ages! Like a good Disney movie, the beast abc and 123 apps have something for the parents/grandparents too. My grandkids love the beast, and so do all the many friends and their toddlers that I’ve told about the apps. Wish there were more!


ABC Apps User

Transformed our children’s lives.This app has positively changed the quality of our family time management during school days. We mostly use the schedule boards. The kids each have their own iPad with the app. They retrieve it in the morning and begin completing their tasks. They are significantly more independent in transitioning from task to task than when they did not have this app. It’s a huge relief. I’m actually setting up schedule boards for myself!


ABC Apps User

Steve Jobs, on Education

“I’m a very big believer in equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcome. Equal opportunity to me, more than anything, means a great education. We could make sure that every young child in this country got a great education. We fall far short of that.” – Steve Jobs

When the internet came about it provided an opportunity for people to work from home instead of having to commute daily to an office. The number of people working from home is growing rapidly. The same technology that allows us to work from home, shop from home, etc., also provides us with even more ability to learn, school and educate at home. In other words we can get smarter at home.

While books have always been one of the main tools for education and will remain so, the computer, iPad and other tablets form an additional tool with additional features including interaction, challenges, videos, audio, testing, built-in dictionaries, etc.

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