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Sesame Street Family Play is an app geared toward parents for guided play with their young children. This is a different approach from many educational apps out there. I like the idea of using an app to educate and entertain kids without engaging in screen time!

The app uses all of Sesame Street’s most lovable characters to present games that can be played with 1-2 kids (although many could accommodate more). From its interface, you can choose from the following categories: “keep busy,” “move your body,” and “calm down.” Within each of those sections, you choose where you are (i.e., backyard, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Based on your selection, activities, or games are picked to utilize your space.

The app is pretty basic in its features but allows parents to engage in activities based on its suggestions. It is not always easy coming up with ways to entertain busy little bodies, and this app gives parents one extra tool for being able to do so.

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • 30+ Sesame Street real-world game ideas
  •  Hours of physical play for you and your family
  • Game ideas designed for families staying at home, from bedtime to bath time, living room to the backyard
  • Gameplay designed to bring your family together
  •  Connect and play with loved ones online with ideas designed to play over video conferencing
  • Integrated with Sesame Street’s Caring for Each Other online resources*
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