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Curious World

by Kidsy Ltd free

* Kidscreen Best Learning Apps & Best Game App (Smartphone)* Teachers’ Choice Awards for the Family,...

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by Tappity, Inc. free

Tappity is an amazing interactive app that covers many different science topics. The app is narrated...

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Brilliant – Solve, Learn, Grow

by Free

* Featured in The Atlantic, NY Times, NPR and more Brilliant is home to a community...

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All About the Solar System

by Y Factory $2.99

Hop into a spaceship and take a journey through our amazing solar system with this interactive...

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by Brainfeed LLC Free

* Ranked #1 in 70 countries * Top 10 app for kids 9-11 in 110+ countries...

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The Night Sky

by iCandi Apps Free

For hardcore star-gazer or just curious novices, like me, this app is a must-have. It is...

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by Wolfram Group LLC $2.99

WolframAlpha is like having a personal interactive encyclopedia. It is the web’s premier reference utility covering...

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Star Walk – Find Stars And Planets in Sky Above

by  Vito Technology Inc. $4.99

* Over 10 million users!* Winner of Apple Design Award 2010   This real-time astronomy app...

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Star Walk 2 – Night Sky Map

by Vito Technology Inc. $2.99

Star Walk 2 features a full real-time map of the day and night sky. It includes...

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Star Rover – Stargazing Guide

by EEFan Inc. $1.99

This app is a very nice, low-cost, basic astronomy app for investigating the night sky. It...

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