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* Parents’ Choice Gold Award
* Featured by Apple in Education, Kids, and Best New Apps
* Editor’s Choice, Children’s Technology Review and more


Tynker is a puzzle app that uses pre-created coding blocks for kids to learn the basics of programming. The app is packed full of visual tutorials that invite the player to put items and the characters you have created into action. As with many coding apps, Tynker hit the nail on the head by getting kids to learn while playing; hence opening the door to a potential Steve Jobs. And if that doesn’t happen, at least instilling an understanding of what coding is all about.

From newbie to advanced lessons, this app has just about everything you would want. As stated above, there are tons of tutorials, puzzles, self-guided lessons, missions, videos, music and then some. You can even create holiday cards!

Coding apps are a perfect way for kids to “tweak” those logic skills, or better put, important life skills. For no matter what course of life one takes, our ability to look, think, plan ahead and envision the outcome of something is a crucial life skill!


  • Candy Quest – Sequence programming commands to lead your character home
  • Monster High – Help the ghouls go on a scavenger hunt using code
  • Crash Course – Program drones, lights, and Sphero in a virtual environment
  • Dragon Journey (in-app purchase) – Use functions and subroutines to train your dragon
  • Lost in Space (in-app purchase) – Apply logic to lead astronaut Gus to his moon base
  • Laser Racer (in-app purchase) – Create math patterns using Turtle graphics commands.

Compatible with iPad. Grades 4-8 and beyond.


  • Learn coding basics visually
  • Publish and share them with the community
  • Supports connected toys such as Parrot mini-drone and Sphero robot and more
  • Animation: Stop-motion animation and custom character animation
  • Drawing: Pen commands, math art, kaleidoscopes, and your own art studio
  • Game Elements: Scoring, health, buttons, and joysticks
  • Game Kits: Arcade shooters, platformers, runners, and physics games
  • Motion: Move, follow, spin, and glide objects on the screen
  • Music: Music, sound effects, musical notes, drum beats, and temp
  • Physics: Falling balls, bouncing penguins, zero gravity, and cannons
  • Storytelling: Slideshows, stories, comics, jokes, riddles, and quizzes
Download Tynker – Coding Games for Kids

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